Gardasil Reaction Debilitates Washington Girl for 5 Years

After having the first dose of Gardasil, my health started deteriorated at a rapid rate. I started having unbearable migraines once a month (had to sleep it off and any movement would result in me vomiting), knee pain, leg weakness when walking short distances, complete loss of menstrual cycle, abdominal pain, weight gain, brain fog, IBS symptoms and digestive problems. I experienced these health problems for at least five years while seeking a variety of medical attention (multiple endocrinologists, multiple GI doctors, multiple neurologists and multiple OBGYN’s).

My ultimate goal was to determine why I was no longer able to have a menstrual cycle (when I had been having a normal cycle for 10 years) and how to reduce my pain (besides with medicine).

Most doctors could not explain to me why my symptoms were occurring. They put me through multiple CT scans, MRI’s, ultrasounds, colonoscopy, etc and everything came back “normal” and ended up costing an arm and a leg. They told me to be thankful nothing was “wrong”. I knew if my symptoms kept continuing it could result into something more serious that could be detectable.

I read multiple testimonies of other patients with reactions to Gardasil vaccines and that Dr. Flannery was able to come up with an individual plan that suited them (and had positive results). I have been seeking care from Dr. Flannery for almost a year now and have had tremendous improvements in my symptoms through supplements. My testosterone has decreased, my leg weakness is gone and I am on a regular menstrual cycle. I finally feel like I understand my body, what I need to avoid and what is necessary for me to have healthy function.

Dr. Flannery is extremely knowledgeable and thorough when deciding what tests are necessary and developing an individual plan. I strongly recommend treatment by Dr. Flannery and truly feel blessed that I am well on my way to recovery (almost a year now of feeling better!)

Wishing everyone the best in their treatment, I know it is a hard struggle to get answers.

Rachel F., Seattle, WA

Gardasil Reaction in Texas: A Letter from Aubrey

Dear Dr. Flannery,

Just wanted to say thank you! You have changed my life. Before we started care with you I felt miserable. My whole body was in pain. I never wanted to do anything except sleep all the time. But now I feel so much better then I use to! My pain and jerks have gotten better! The sound and the light sensitivity has also gotten better. I can handle light more and it doesn’t hurt my eyes as bad. The sound I can also handle more of! Also, my family has noticed I have more energy than I use to! So again, thank you so much for everything.


Aubrey B.

Gardasil Reaction in California: Ashlie’s Near-Death Experience

In the middle of June 2009, Ashlie received her first and only Gardasil vaccine.  Approximately 16 days later Ashlie began to complain that her legs were not working correctly.  Looking back, I am not sure what I thought it was, but I had her take some Tylenol.  The next morning, I came downstairs and Ashlie was lying on the couch.  She told me that she had crawled from her room and down the stairs to get to the couch. She informed me she could not walk. I asked her to stand. She tried and fell to the floor.

She was quickly taken to our local ER. The doctor threw his hands in the air saying he had no idea and it must be growing pains. She was given crutches and a prescription for steroids.  I took her home convinced the doctor was wrong, as I am a mother of 5 daughters and had never witnessed growing pains like that.

Later that night, I helped Ashlie in and out of the bathtub because she could no longer walk. I went to hand her something and to my horror discovered that her arms and hands were not working either. She literally could not pick up what I was handing her. I rushed Ashlie to an ER over an hour away.  I carried her in, and for a crowded ER on a Saturday night, she was seen within 1 hour.

I was asked if she had been sick and I informed them she had not. We were told that she had Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). I could not figure out how she got this.

Once she was admitted to the hospital, they handed me a bunch of literature on GBS. My answer to how she contracted GBS was in the first sentence that I read, and it said that you can get GBS from a vaccine. She had just had a vaccine, the Gardasil vaccine earlier that month.

As Ashlie lay in the hospital bed I watched her go from a vibrant young girl to a shell of non-existence. She was unable to walk, she was unable to get up to use the bathroom and as she couldn’t eat, an NG tube was placed in her nose so they could feed her. She was given intravenous immunoglobulins (IVIG) and plasmapheresis , in the hope that this would stop the paralysis and start it descending.

Within 24 hours things went from bad to worse. Her respiratory system was shutting down. The GBS was paralyzing her to the point that she could not breathe. She was rushed to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Within minutes of being there she stopped breathing. I could not believe what I was seeing. My baby girl was dying before my very eyes.  They put her on a bi-pap machine to help her breathe and on July 1, 2009 Ashlie was intubated.  She could no longer breathe on her own, to keep her alive a machine had to do the work for her.  Her heart was racing, ranging between 160-180 bpm. For the next 2 1/2 weeks, I sat and watched as she continued to get worse.

Slowly her body began to “heal” and the GBS started to descend.  After 3 weeks of being intubated, she began to breathe on her own and was extubated. However, as the feeling came back, she was in excruciating pain. Pain so bad she felt like we were ripping her skin off if we touched her.  She was then transported to Orange County to Healthbridge Children’s Hospital for rehabilitation. Ashlie spent another 4-weeks away from home doing physical and occupational therapy 7-days a week. She was tired, her body hurt, her body would not cooperate at times, and we had lots of tears.  After spending her 13th birthday in the hospital we decided it was time to go home and start our new lives.

After 6-months of therapy at our local hospital the therapists said there was not much more they could do for her and she was as good as she was going to get. That was not the answer I wanted to hear. She was only 13-years-old.

Although some things fell into place, we noticed that Ashlie’s health began to change also. She was unable to keep foods down. Anytime she ate, she became very ill and everything came out one way or another. We noticed that she would have dizzy spells and pass out. She would have severe nerve pain at times, to the point that she could not be touched by anyone anywhere on her body. She said it felt as if her skin was being pulled from her body again. I have watched her go in and out of consciousness and struggle to breathe. We have taken Ashlie to many different doctors and specialists. At one point they almost did heart surgery on her to try and stop her from passing out.

She has been seen in different emergency rooms over the last 4 years only to be told time and time again, that there is nothing wrong with her and that it is all in her head.

Finally, during the summer of 2013, I was reading a story about a girl who had been injured by the Gardasil vaccine. I never read the comments below because I find them to be rude or critical. This particular day, I decided to read one.

A lady mentioned a doctor who helped her niece. I contacted her and then the doctor. The doctor was Dr. Mark Flannery at HealthWise Clinical Nutrition. My first phone call to HealthWise Clinical Nutrition, was the first time I was hopeful that Ashlie would get better. In talking to them on the phone they were not shocked at her condition and they were very familiar with it. Finally, finally we were going to get help and the answers we were looking for. Happy that someone believed us.  It took a few months to get all of Ashlie’s medical records in order. We contacted all of her doctors and specialists that we had been seeing. The staff at HealthWise Clinical Nutrition was amazing, keeping in constant contact with me through the process and answering any questions I was having.  We met with Dr. Flannery in Sept 2013 and started treatment in October 2013. It has been a long hard road.  Ashlie has completely changed her eating pattern and takes many supplements. She has phone appointments with him every 4-6 weeks. She is taking less supplements now and is getting ready to soon start bringing foods back into her diet.  She feels amazing and she looks amazing. She was sick all the time before seeing Dr. Flannery, and now, she feels like she has her life back.

One of her goals she discussed with Dr. Flannery was to become flexible again. A silly thing to most, but to her as a dancer it is everything. She is slowly but surely getting it back. I even watched her do a backbend from a standing position a few days ago. Something I thought I would never see again.

I regret every day giving her this vaccine, but I am so glad she is such a fighter and has not given up.  We hope too that whatever we can achieve for Ashlie can benefit so many other girls and boys who have also been badly injured by the Gardasil vaccine.

Shawna S., Big Bear City, CA

Gardasil Reaction in New Mexico

My daughter BaLeigh was treated by Dr. Mark Flannery for side effects from the Gardasil vaccine.  We live in New Mexico and, of course he is in Simi Valley, California.  To my surprise the distance was not an obstacle in any way.  The attention we received from Dr. Flannery far exceeded anything we experienced with local doctors.

I cannot say enough positive things about the experience that we had with Dr. Flannery, both for BaLeigh’s physical health, but also our mental stability.  It was a very difficult time when we found him. BaLeigh was very ill.  Her health was very unstable.  She was having life-threatening symptoms and had lost all quality of life.  We had visited many traditional medical doctors and had many traditional medical tests run on BaLeigh.  We were finding no answers.  Dr. Flannery was the light at the end of the tunnel for us.  His method of treatment was uncomfortable for us at first, but we followed it to the letter.  BaLeigh’s life threatening symptoms started to level out and she began to improve instead of developing new symptoms every day.

While Dr. Flannery’s treatment is truly what we believe is best for the Gardasil girls, that was not the only thing we received from Dr. Flannery.  He cares about the girls who are sick and the compassion he showed us was invaluable.  He was very accessible for us and understood the emotional toll of this condition along with the physical price.

Dr. Flannery was a gift from God to us.  The care he gave us, not only to BaLeigh, but also to me as her mother, was proof to us that God cared about what was happening in our lives and that He was working and providing answers.  I would encourage any female who is suffering from Gardasil to do everything exactly as Dr. Flannery instructs.

Beckey W., Hobbs, NM

Gardasil Reaction in Saudi Arabia

I have been injured on the 14th of March 2011 by the Gardasil vaccine. Right after that I started a severe back pain, nausea, total fatigue along with total body pain. At one stage I reached to a level that I lost the ability to walk more than two minutes as the pain was unbearable. This vaccine is the worst thing that ever happened to me. I looked for many doctors but none of them had a clue of what is going on with my body.

Dr. Flannery is the only Doctor who I met that had a clear understanding of how much Gardasil can damage your body. His treatment is totally different but very effective. I really have improved with Dr. Flannery and I do not have the nausea anymore and now have more energy to get the day done. I am able to walk again and my back pain has been improving with time. I still have more treatment to be done but I am confident that with the help of God and Dr. Flannery I will be back to my normal me soon.

By the way I am living in Saudi Arabia and amazingly that was not an issue for Dr. Flannery, and we managed to find ways to get meetings done online with Skype and have supplements sent to me for treatment. He is an amazing guy and will do anything for his patients. I am very lucky to be treated by him and I thank God for sending him my way.

Ahmed A., Saudi Arabia

Gardasil Reaction in South Dakota

We feel truly blessed to have found Dr. Mark so quickly after the decline of our daughters’ health after their second Gardasil shot. Not only was I scared by the girls’ health but also by the lack of answers and attention we were getting from traditional medicine. Calling this nontraditional Doctor was a leap of faith in more ways than one.  We were 1,300 miles away from him, our insurance wouldn’t cover most of the treatments, and we don’t have much money.  But you will do anything for your children – right?  I’m so thankful I made that call.

At the time the girls were 12 and 15 years old and experienced different reactions. Both had muscle aches and spasms, exhaustion and blackouts. Our eldest experienced seizures and severe headaches, too. Both of the girls had always been extremely healthy and any kind of illness was out of the usual. To watch the decline in them was terrifying.

My rattled nerves were calmed tremendously in just visiting with Dr. Mark. And it was Dr. Mark who spoke with me, not a nurse or receptionist. He was familiar with our story when no one else would even believe us, and he had answers. There ended up being no travel involved, very reasonable prices, and some of the most attentive care I have ever witnessed. Dr. Mark gave me his office number, cell number and home number…and answered when I called!

The treatments are very holistic and scientifically based. The girls hated the diet restrictions, but survived it and are well today. My husband and I followed the same diet with the girls just to be supportive and have chosen to continue with it because we feel so much better and experience very few of the aches and pains we had previously thought were related to aging – not diet!

I have recommended Dr. Mark to people with all sorts of ailments…leaky guts, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and of course, any girl suffering an adverse reaction to Gardasil.

No matter what Western Medicine is telling (or not telling) you, if your daughter has suffered an adverse reaction, do her a huge favor…pick up the phone and call Dr. Mark. You won’t regret it like you are regretting other things right now!

Thank you, Dr. Mark, for rescuing us! Thank you, Lord, for Dr. Mark. We are truly grateful.

Terri H., Edgemont, SD

Gardasil Reaction in Missouri

There are not enough words for me to be able to fully express my gratitude to Dr. Mark Flannery. It is because of him and the grace of God that I still have my daughter with me today.

My daughter Cassie started experiencing side effects from the Gardasil vaccine immediately after her first injection, but because we were told the reaction was completely unrelated to Gardasil she continued with all three shots. It was after the third and final one that she became seriously ill. Cassie was hospitalized, her symptoms consisted of severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, severe headaches with light and sound sensitivity, and extreme nose bleeds. After being in the hospital for 7 weeks the doctors diagnosed Cassie with pancreatitis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and severe intestinal swelling. She was placed on TPN and Lipids (IV nutrition as she could not eat) and had surgery to remove the cysts. Her condition continued to worsen and the doctors had no idea why or how to further help her. Cassie was then flown to yet another hospital. After three more weeks Cassie started having seizures as well as other neurological problems and still no answers. Still on the feeding tube with 5 different IV nausea medications, as well as IV pain medicine we were sent home with Home Health to continue the care of Cassie.  Less than one month later Cassie lost feeling in her lower extremities and started experiencing heart problems. Cassie went back into the hospital for another three weeks and then to a rehab facility where Cassie started the process of walking again.

It was at this point when God brought Dr. Flannery into our lives. Cassie spent over 13 weeks in the hospital and another 4 in a rehab facility and yet she was not getting better, she was continuing to get worse. Every week was another symptom and the only thing the medical profession knew to do was symptomatic treatment, and that was not helping. Dr. Flannery took over Cassie’s care, treating the dysfunction undrlying her illness rather than the symptoms and with just a few short weeks Cassie began to stabilize. I was very uncertain of Dr. Marks approach; however, we had given western medicine more than enough time to help our daughter and it failed us miserably.

I know had it not been for God leading us to Dr. Mark Flannery, my daughter Cassie would not be with us today. It has now been a year and Cassie is eating on her own (following a strict diet), walking, and only taking supplement recommended by Dr. Mark. Cassie still has some healing to do, but we are confident with the help of Dr. Mark she will be 100% soon.

Kim S., Chillicothe, MO

Gardasil Reaction in Nebraska

After receiving the Gardisil vaccination in February, I experienced severe abdominal pain that brought on vomiting, headaches, back pain and high blood pressure. I was in and out of the hospital for a total of 12 days in 2 months while they performed many tests including: blood tests, multiple cat scans, an MRI and other tests revealing no definitive diagnosis.

My sudden illness kept me from completing my schoolwork and I had to eventually take a leave of absence from Junior High. Something had to be done since I wasn’t getting better on my own and the doctors could not offer me any relief.

I left my hometown in Nebraska for Simi Valley, California in search of a miracle.

My Aunt Candice referred my family to HealthWise Chiropractic & Nutrition. We had our doubts, but were hopeful. The course of treatment included chiropractic therapy combined with advanced nutrition and dietary changes.

In one month, I am free from the stomach pain, vomiting, headaches, back pain and my blood pressure is now normal. I feel 100% better! I’m now looking forward to living as a vibrant 14 year old with more energy than before!

Thank you Dr. Mark and Dr. Vera.

Shelby J., Papillion, NE

Gardasil Reaction in Louisiana

After receiving the Gardasil vaccine, my daughter began experiencing an array of troubling symptoms, including numbness, severe swelling, and difficulty walking.  At times, Alison’s ankles would swell so badly that she could not wear shoes.  The doctors we originally sought just wanted to treat her symptoms with drugs instead of getting to the root of her problem.  No one knew how to treat Alison’s “mysterious” illness, and it was a very frustrating time in our lives.

After contacting HealthWise Chiropractic & Nutrition, I knew that we had found the right place.  Speaking with Dr. Vera made us feel refreshingly understood and Dr. Mark confirmed our confidence in HealthWise.  Alison is now recovering without drugs and their side effects!  Dr. Mark and Dr. Vera have been nothing but honest, encouraging, and knowledgeable in regards to Alison’s treatment.

I would not hesitate to recommend Healthwise Chiropractic & Nutrition. In fact, I recommend anyone not getting the results they desire from the traditional medical community to seek better health and knowledge from HealthWise.  Finding Dr. Mark was a gift from God – I truly believe this.

Rita L., Slidell, LA