At Ashlyn’s 13-year-old checkup, she was given the HPV Vaccination (GARDASIL 9). Before leaving the Doctor’s office, she had a lump on her arm and was not feeling well. The next 3 days following the vaccination, Ashlyn had a temperature over 101 degrees. A few days later she started experiencing constant muscle and joint pain in her legs and arms.  On Tuesday, May 8, 2018, Ashlyn’s life changed. She started passing out a few times for several days and then started with non-epileptic seizures. Ashlyn had been in and out of hospitals including Children’s of Milwaukee, Madison, and St. Paul MN without any answers. She has undergone several tests and has tried different treatments. Ashlyn is Vaccine injured from the HPV Vaccination.  She had everything that mattered to her taken away. No more sports, sleepovers with friends, and her future was unknown.

Gardasil Tries to Steal Another Girl’s Life

After having the first dose of Gardasil, my health started deteriorated at a rapid rate. I started having unbearable migraines once a month (had to sleep it off and any movement would result in me vomiting), knee pain, leg weakness when walking short distances, complete loss of menstrual cycle, abdominal pain, weight gain, brain fog, IBS symptoms and digestive problems. I experienced these health problems for at least five years while seeking a variety of medical attention (multiple endocrinologists, multiple GI doctors, multiple neurologists and multiple OBGYN’s). (more…)

Gardasil Reaction Debilitates Washington Girl for 5 Years

After receiving the Gardisil vaccination in February, I experienced severe abdominal pain that brought on vomiting, headaches, back pain and high blood pressure. I was in and out of the hospital for a total of 12 days in 2 months while they performed many tests including: blood tests, multiple cat scans, an MRI and other tests revealing no definitive diagnosis.

My sudden illness kept me from completing my schoolwork and I had to eventually (more…)

Gardasil Reaction in Nebraska

After receiving the Gardasil vaccine, my daughter began experiencing an array of troubling symptoms, including numbness, severe swelling, and difficulty walking. At times, Alison’s ankles would swell so badly that she could not wear shoes. The doctors we originally sought just wanted to treat her symptoms with drugs instead of getting to the root of her problem. No one knew how to treat Alison’s “mysterious” illness, (more…)

Gardasil Reaction in Louisiana

There are not enough words for me to be able to fully express my gratitude to Dr. Mark Flannery. It is because of him and the grace of God that I still have my daughter with me today.

My daughter Cassie started experiencing side effects from the Gardasil vaccine immediately after her first injection, but because we were told the reaction was completely unrelated to Gardasil she continued with all three shots. It was after the third and final one that she became seriously ill. Cassie was hospitalized, her symptoms consisted of severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, severe headaches (more…)

Gardasil Reaction in Missouri

I have been injured on the 14th of March 2011 by the Gardasil vaccine. Right after that I started a severe back pain, nausea, total fatigue along with total body pain. At one stage I reached to a level that I lost the ability to walk more than two minutes as the pain was unbearable. This vaccine is the worst thing that ever happened to me. I looked for many doctors but none of them had a clue of what is going on with my body.

Dr. Flannery is the only Doctor who I met that had a clear understanding of how much Gardasil can damage (more…)

Gardasil Reaction in Saudi Arabia

My daughter BaLeigh was treated by Dr. Mark Flannery for side effects from the Gardasil vaccine. We live in New Mexico and, of course he is in Simi Valley, California. To my surprise the distance was not an obstacle in any way. The attention we received from Dr. Flannery far exceeded anything we experienced with local doctors.

I cannot say enough positive things about the experience that we had with Dr. Flannery, (more…)

Gardasil Reaction in New Mexico

In the middle of June 2009, Ashlie received her first and only Gardasil vaccine. Approximately 16 days later Ashlie began to complain that her legs were not working correctly. Looking back, I am not sure what I thought it was, but I had her take some Tylenol. The next morning, I came downstairs and Ashlie was lying on the couch. She told me that she had crawled from her room and down the stairs to get to the couch. She informed me she could not walk. I asked her to stand. She tried and fell to the floor.

She was quickly taken to our local ER. The doctor threw his hands in the air saying (more…)

Gardasil Reaction in California: Ashlie’s Near-Death Experience

Just wanted to say thank you! You have changed my life. Before we started care with you I felt miserable. My whole body was in pain. I never wanted to do anything except sleep all the time. But now I feel so much better then I use to! My pain and jerks have gotten better! The sound and the light sensitivity has also gotten better. I can handle light more and it doesn’t hurt my eyes as bad (more…)

Gardasil Reaction in Texas: A Letter from Aubrey

We feel truly blessed to have found Dr. Mark so quickly after the decline of our daughters’ health after their second Gardasil shot. Not only was I scared by the girls’ health but also by the lack of answers and attention we were getting from traditional medicine. Calling this nontraditional Doctor was a leap of faith in more ways than one. We were 1,300 miles away from him, our insurance (more…)

Gardasil Reaction in South Dakota