So grateful for Dr Flannery and all his expertise and passion for functional medicine. My journey started about 13 years ago with my daughter’s stomach issues. As a toddler I took her to the family pediatrician, to urgent cares, we visited specialists from UCLA and other highly recommended doctors. They tested her for Celiac, Crohn’s, she had scans, X-Rays, blood work done – unfortunately no doctor we saw ever had an explanation. The typical response to us was – “it’s probably just constipation, have her take Miralax every day.” That wasn’t an acceptable response for me. I never gave up, we visited doctors over the years as she got older hoping someone would be able to offer us some type of answer as to why her stomach hurt her weekly.

When she was 7 she got pneumonia and the pulmonary doctor we saw was concerned about her stomach pains and offered a holistic approach. We cut out some foods and all dairy for about a month but it was very difficult to cut out the items that she ate on a daily and I didn’t know how to create a new menu for her so we ended up back where we had started. The doctor we saw at the time did not offer us much information on what the foods could be doing to her, how long it would take to see any type of results, what to expect or how to go about changing a child’s diet successfully. With the lack of information and support, we ended up back on her typical, not so healthy, processed food diet within a month or two.

Fast forward about 7 years, she still complained weekly, sometimes daily, of stomach pains. She’s thin and athletic and at times her stomach pains got in the way of her sports. We started back looking for a doctor who could help us. One doctor we had recently seen told us that my daughter was just dehydrated. I began to push the water – especially on complaining days, but that didn’t seem to be helping either. My daughter and I just figured this was the life she was going to have and we were becoming accustomed to it, trying to figure out the best way to cope with the pain on really bad days. All I wanted to do was take that pain away. What else could I do? We had been to many doctors, ran so many tests, what was left? Then we met Dr. Flannery.

Dr. Flannery reviewed her history, ran some test, we changed her diet cutting out gluten, dairy and some foods she showed an intolerance to and almost immediately she felt better. It was amazing, an answer to my prayers! My daughter could not believe that she was going 1, 5, 10 days no pain- to months of no pain! It was difficult to change an almost 15 year old’s diet which included more sugar then I realized (or care to admit!) and a decent amount of processed foods (on top of the healthy food I made for her) to the diet plan Dr. Flannery suggested. Dr. Flannery had everything laid out for us, he spent a lot of time talking to both of us, educating us both as to why this was so important and what was happening inside of her in terms that we both could understand. To cut her favorite foods and the sugar was not easy – she definitely had many tears but she was motivated because for the first time she no longer had the stomach pains that she was so used to having. As much as she wanted to complain about her new diet she didn’t because she felt amazing!

As a Mom not being able to help your child is probably one of the hardest things to deal with. Knowing now what we know and the education and support we have gotten from Dr. Flannery on nutrition and supplements has been life changing! We are about 8 months in and she has complained of stomach pain about 5 times since we switched her diet; although we don’t call it a diet, it’s our new way of life. It’s not easy, especially when she goes to friends’ houses or wants to go out to eat, but we are learning every day. I am so grateful to have found someone who believed in taking a better approach- one that really looked into the root of what my daughter’s issues were not just offering us a prescription as the solution (without even knowing what the problem was). No other doctor was willing to put in the time that Dr. Flannery did with a comprehensive report from her tests results and answering all our questions. Dr. Flannery took the time to make sure we understood what our health journey was going to look like, what struggles she would face and what to expect as possible outcomes. I was so grateful for all the time he took to make sure my daughter understood everything, answered all her questions and made it clear he was available if she had any other questions or concerns. Not to mention the info he gave me to help me make this transition as easy as possible for her!

I feel truly blessed to have been able to find Dr. Flannery- he has changed our lives!

L.K., Simi Valley, CA