It took me a while to write this testimonial because I don’t know how to express how much I’m thankful to God for giving me the chance to meet Dr. Flannery and to be subjected under his care. The improvements have all been so overwhelming; I can’t believe that in eight months, I’m now feeling so much better—even better than my “old self.”

At 22 years old, I’ve done so many abuses on my body without even realizing it: training too hard, eating too little, drinking too much coffee, being busy with too much things, resting too little. My collegiate schedule was always very busy: triathlon training in the morning, classes until the afternoon, then training again in the evening. I would just take a day off every two weeks, and I’d always be too tired to eat more than what is needed. I would join triathlon, running and bike races almost every other week, never tapering, never taking a rest.

Then, shortly after graduation, I joined a 600-km, 4-day bike ride, which for me was the ultimate final push to my already-worn out body. After the 4-day ride, in a week, I gained 10 pounds, had headaches, I couldn’t eat, and I felt so bad I could not even get myself getting up from the bed in the morning. I had hypothyroidism, PCOS, I always had cramps; I could not train anymore, nor walk even 500 meters without feeling tired; I had unstable blood sugar; constipation; more weight gain; acne; food intolerances and allergies; mood swings; and lots of emotional downs. I was always too tired to do anything, never even having the motivation to do anything, which is the ultimate antithesis of what I was before.

After nearly a year of being in and out of so many doctors around my country, the Philippines, and all this time not having anything resolved at all, and with my condition getting worse by the day, I tried to intently search on the Internet for something different—something that is far from the traditional approach of curing low thyroid.

Then I came across Dr. Kharrazian’s book on the Internet, which has been receiving so many positive reviews from readers and patients alike. On first impulse, I bought it. From there, I came across Dr. Flannery’s clinic, which my parents and I chose for treatment because it is the nearest to our relative’s home in Southern California. It was a very big decision to make, with all the financial responsibilities we had to consider for the trip, to and from the Philippines, and for our entire stay in the United States. Yes, it has cost us a lot of money, with my Mom even having to file for a 2-month work leave to accompany me in the U.S. But, it will always be a decision my family and I would never regret going for.

I’ve had many ups and downs during the treatment, but now, eight months after my first visit at Dr. Flannery’s clinic, I am feeling way better than ever before. My thyroid levels are now normal, I’m now PCOS-free, and I have now discovered the joys of hiking and long walks. This journey made me realize more the importance of taking care of my body, and the importance of giving it time to recover, breathe and heal itself. There is definitely no point of abusing it, because it is only by taking care of it that we get to take care of our spirit, too.

Dr. Flannery’s program is very life-changing, in that I have healthier eating habits now, eating more vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. I cannot tolerate eating sugar and greasy foods anymore, which I used to really like. I will avoid gluten for the rest of my life, but I have no regrets, because I would never compromise better health among other things. Since starting Dr. Flannery’s program, I now have clearer skin, better digestion, better mood, and I’m always feeling active and energetic. I still do exercises but in milder forms, and I never have cramps anymore. One time I hiked with a couple of friends, and they were really surprised that I was walking way ahead of the guys. I felt so happy then because it was like a miracle for me. I would never imagine doing this again, after only eight months of treatment.

Right now, I still have my appointments with Dr. Flannery via Skype, and we still contact each other every now and then, just to check on my improvements. I’m still taking the recommended supplements, which have been of great help in this entire journey. I cannot believe that after much patience and faith, I am now taking my Masters abroad and doing hikes with my friends. This is way beyond my expectation. I sincerely thank God. And I sincerely thank Dr. Flannery for being the Messenger that led me to the right path.

Again, thank you so much, Dr. Flannery! This has been a long and winding journey; but we made it through. I am just so happy and grateful that I had been under your care. Hopefully I can visit you again someday in your clinic— not for treatment but for fun conversations over cups of herbal tea.

-R.S. Albano, Philippines