When my husband and I married in December of 2006, I was a healthy, slim 26 year old. During our first pregnancy, I gained an unexpected 55 lbs. even though I ate healthy, balanced meals and exercised regularly. A few days after our daughter was born, I had a very irritating rash that moved around my body. After many months, many doctors, and many heavy medications, I was diagnosed with post-natal hypothyroidism, then hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. I began taking some medication that seemed to be working because my rashes finally went away. The rashes lasted about 6 months after giving birth! However, about a year and half later, while pregnant with our second child, the rashes came back. I was really discouraged, because we thought the medication was the solution, and now we were realizing that maybe it wasn’t. My husband encouraged me to try acupuncture, and we were amazed to find out that adding Vitamin B and Omega supplements took away the rash within a week! To make a long story short, we became very interested in seeking new solutions for my problem.

After 2 more years of being on medication for Hashimoto’s, I continued to have most of the symptoms pre-medication. Why wasn’t the medication relieving my symptoms? We found Dr. Datis Kharrazian’s book through a Google search to find another solution to my symptoms. My husband wanted me to try Dr. Mark Flannery after reading Dr. Kharrazian’s book. I was skeptical and hesitant for quite some time. Finally, after much more discouragement with the symptoms of Hashimoto’s not going away (while on increasing medication doses), I was convinced I needed to try something else. I was tired of having excessive fatigue, great difficulty losing weight, brain fog, hair loss, occasional rash, and multiple miscarriages.

After seeing Dr. Mark, and going thru some testing, he put me on a personalized program that really made a huge difference. I have a totally different diet, and I went through a phase of supplements. I have been energetic through the day. My brain fog is gone. Within months I have lost some of the weight I just couldn’t get off in years (even though I exercised daily and had a mostly vegetarian diet). I still struggle a little bit with hair loss, and I still take medications, but we are hopeful after another test, that we can reduce or eliminate the need for those too.

The process has not been easy, but it has been VERY rewarding. We are grateful to Dr. Mark and his guidance. He has helped me feel like my old self again.

Eva C., Ventura, CA