Initially I was referred to HealthWise because I was so tired. I was on medication for my Thyroid but I wasn’t feeling like myself. I also suffered from severe neck and hip pain for the last 5 years.

I didn’t know how complicated my condition was until I clearly saw my results from my blood tests. Dr. Flannery had a detailed approach to how he handled my condition and now I’m not as tired as I used to be. I can tell I’ve improved and that I continue to improve as I follow the treatment course.

The chiropractic care I have received has been excellent and I feel like I have achieved 70% relief so far. My neck does not hurt as often, I have increased energy, and I look forward to continuing my care!

I really appreciate the personal attention I receive and the amount of time for care from this wonderful team at HealthWise. I have already referred many people and love knowing who the best doctors are in town!

Rae T., Simi Valley, CA