At Ashlyn’s 13-year-old checkup, she was given the HPV Vaccination (GARDASIL 9). Before leaving the Doctor’s office, she had a lump on her arm and was not feeling well. The next 3 days following the vaccination, Ashlyn had a temperature over 101 degrees. A few days later she started experiencing constant muscle and joint pain in her legs and arms.  On Tuesday, May 8, 2018, Ashlyn’s life changed. She started passing out a few times for several days and then started with non-epileptic seizures. Ashlyn had been in and out of hospitals including Children’s of Milwaukee, Madison, and St. Paul MN without any answers. She has undergone several tests and has tried different treatments. Ashlyn is Vaccine injured from the HPV Vaccination.  She had everything that mattered to her taken away. No more sports, sleepovers with friends, and her future was unknown.

In May of 2019, Ashlyn had an episode that left her unconscious for over 17 hours. She was taken by ambulance from a local Wisconsin Hospital, 5 hours away to Children’s Hospital of St. Paul. This episode left Ashlyn with the inability to walk “normal” and right-side weakness in her arm and leg. She went to regular Physical Therapy appointments and Doctor appointments to try and regain her walking. It was at this time we were told about Dr. Flannery. We had several families reach out to us and insisted we take her to see him.

We traveled to California to meet with Dr. Flannery in hopes to improve her quality of life.  Dr. Flannery ran tests to prove his theory that she has inflammation in and around her brain and damage to her Blood-Brain Barrier along with a leaky gut. His testing showed just that. After 6 months of struggling, we could finally notice a difference in her walking and the seizures lessened. Dr. Flannery developed a plan just for Ashlyn to help her heal.  In the last 3 years, she has had over 450 non-epileptic events, over 250 passing out events, 38 ER visits, 26 Ambulance rides, 6 extended hospital stays, approximately 500 Doctor appointments, and over 60 missing days of school.

With the help of Dr. Flannery, we are so pleased to announce Ashlyn is 7 ½ months seizure-free! This last year she was able to participate in her high school varsity dance team and she has received her learner’s permit for driving! None of this would be possible without the help of Dr. Flannery. He has turned Ashlyn’s life around. We are grateful every day!

Heidi (Ashlyn’s Mother)
New Holstein, WI