I had spent the two years prior to finding Dr. Flannery suffering from exacerbated symptoms that I had been dealing with my entire adult life. For the longest time, I attributed these symptoms as being “normal”. My doctors had always come up with a seemingly reasonable explanation for every symptom I had and eventually I was convinced that it was all a result of stressors in my life, of which at the time, I had many. Determined to find a way to reduce my stress, I quit my high profile executive level job which almost immediately dissipated all that was causing my stress. Somehow though, my symptoms were getting worse and they were all emerging at once.

I couldn’t understand why I still had the fatigue, anxiety, depression, brain fog, irritable bowels, moodiness, and difficultly sleeping. On top of it all, I had recurring infections, severe back pain and was losing my hair in patches. I went to the doctor’s office on numerous occasions and was refused referrals to specialists because my symptoms were not seen as uncommon and were not severe enough to be referred. I was however, offered antidepressants and therapy, which I refused. If there was any other medication to be prescribed, it was either steroids or antibiotics and I was sent on my way.

Frustrated, I heavily researched functional medicine and found Dr. Flannery’s office. I wasn’t fully convinced that Dr. Flannery could help, and my biggest fear was that I would be told again that my symptoms were normal, nothing was wrong and that maybe I was just a hypochondriac. I prepared myself to accept that I’d live with these symptoms forever. My experience has been quite the opposite fortunately and my fears did not come true. Immediately Dr. Flannery made me feel supported as he listened to my circumstances and fully emerged himself in my medical history, taking into account every doctor visit and diagnosis I previously had. After we found that I had numerous gut infections, viruses and food intolerances, Dr. Flannery advised to start a protocol that would last nine months, which was much longer than I anticipated. I was devastated when I realized I would be on very strict dietary and lifestyle changes right through my wedding and honeymoon!

Sad and still skeptical, I was fully committed to finding relief and put my confidence in Dr. Flannery and his team. He stayed with me throughout every phase of my treatment plan and was easily able to reference my health history and our discussions in past appointments making me feel like I was his only patient. Dr. Flannery was able to explain test results and supplement use in ways that were easy to understand. He provided useful information and recommendations so that I could make my own informed decisions about my health based on them.

The team at Dr. Flannery’s office were also extremely helpful and were there to answer every question or concern I had. I never hesitated to call them with my silly questions and even called when I freaked out the day before my wedding where I felt my stress and anxiety were coming back to get the best of me. They always helped to facilitate the communication with Dr. Flannery between our appointments and I was always provided support exactly where I needed it. Throughout the processes, I always felt fully informed and in total control of my own health and healing, and after feeling relief from my symptoms, I felt empowered to keep going.

Now almost a full year after starting work with Dr. Flannery, I feel like a completely different person. Every one of my symptoms has virtually disappeared and I’ve never felt more healthy and alive in my life. I could not imagine going through the last year still suffering from symptoms that for so long inhibited my ability to be fully present. My work with Dr. Flannery was part of a complete transformation and transition into a more meaningful and fulfilling life and I am truly grateful for having been treated by Dr. Flannery and his amazing team.

Jennifer F., San Diego, CA