In the past two years I have suffered from consistent chest pain. During those two years, I consulted two different gastroenterologists, two pulmonary doctors, two cardiologists, a neurologist, have gone through two surgeries on my stomach, and have been put on and taken off over 15 different medications.

My mom’s friend told her about HealthWise Chiropractic and she wondered if it would help. She had already spent too much money trying to figure out what was wrong and I was still in pain. My parents were skeptical about chiropractic, but this was our last option. We didn’t know where else to go.

Today, I am not on any medication, and my chest pains are not constant-—I rarely have then anymore! Dr. Mark and Dr. Vera have made me feel better in 3 weeks than any other doctors have done in two years!

What I like about Dr. Mark and Dr. Vera is that they listen to my feelings and don’t put words in my mouth. They are dedicated to their patient’s care. I would definitely recommend HealthWise to my friends and family!

Amanda F., Moorpark, CA