I initially sought treatment with Dr. Flannery because I was diagnosed with osteopenia. I also was not sleeping well and would wake up with a pounding heart at 3 a.m. every morning.

My medical doctor prescribed hormone replacement therapy. I became aware of the long-term negative effects of taking hormones through my own research and decided I wanted to take a different approach. I wanted to get off the medication but worried about further bone loss.

Dr. Flannery was concerned with my forgetfulness and memory loss. I had always struggled with schoolwork and learning since I was a little girl (I am now 67) and thought that was normal. Dr. Flannery insisted that these symptoms were not normal.

He ordered several tests to find the cause of my symptoms. Along with the blood test he ordered a stool test and a saliva test. I did not want to spend the money on the stool test as I did not have any digestive problems. I was shocked when the stool test revealed I had four different infections! The saliva test confirmed I had a problem with my cortisol levels. Dr. Flannery explained my insomnia was due to the imbalance in my cortisol.

Within two weeks of starting my protocol I was sleeping again and noticed I had more energy during the day. My children noticed my memory was better. I realized I could dial phone numbers without looking them up in my address book. I had never done that before.

I am so grateful that Dr. Flannery addressed the memory problem I had always accepted as normal. By the way, my last bone density test was normal.

Dr. Flannery’s side note: This patient was treated with a combination of prescription medication and botanicals for her gastrointestinal infections. Once the infections resolved, natural compounds were used to repair her intestinal lining. Blood sugar and cortisol balance were supported using natural herbal compounds with a high dose phosphatidylserine cream. Memory function improved using compounds that support healthy levels of acetylcholine in the brain, high dose DHA, and phosphatidylserine.

K.S., Simi Valley, CA