My whole life I had suffered from stomach issues and a handful of other problems that as I got older became just a part of life. I would just deal with them, living off of Pepto-Bismol, and assumed that everyone had these same issues. As I got into my early 20’s those symptoms began to manifest and I began to pretty regularly faint or come right to the edge of fainting. I saw a couple doctors, was put on antidepressants and anxiety medications, diagnose with IBS-C and a thyroid disorder. They kept telling me that it was just because I was about to graduate college and the stress of that was getting to me. I didn’t feel stressed, I was excited to be finishing school and following my dreams. I went on a family vacation at the age of 24 and blacked out, though I was awake I couldn’t see anything, my heart was beating 100 miles a min and I was certain I was going to die. That’s when I decided it was time to solve this problem, because there was no way this could be normal.

My Aunt suggested I go to a functional medicine doctor, something I had not yet tried. We found Dr.Flannery and my whole world changed! Within 6 months I had almost none of the symptoms I had been suffering with my whole life. After a year I was completely medication free and a whole new person. Having been a patient of his for over 3 years now I don’t know what I would have done without him. I’m living a truly normal life now where I’m not concerned if my headache is going to get to bad for me to move or that my stomach will act up while I’m out with friends or worried I’m going to faint while driving.

I could not recommend him enough! Though a life style change is hard (I never though in a million years I could give up cheese) once you get a taste of how great life is to be symptom free it’s the easiest decision of your life. Thank you so much Dr. Flannery for giving me a life worth living!


Katelyn C., Los Angeles, CA