Work 1-on-1 with Me to Troubleshoot and Fix Your Tricky Hashimoto’s Symptoms

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Step 1:

Health History

Tell me everything about you and your health.

Step 2:

Lab Tests

I recommend the tests you need from your local lab.

Step 3:

Custom Plan

I create a custom treatment plan from your test results.

Step 4:

Work the Plan

We work together on the plan until you’re healthy.

“I Feel Fantasic!”

“Dr. Flannery reviewed my lab tests and recommended a comprehensive plan to improve my health. Within 2 weeks I went from gaining 3 pounds per month to losing 1 pound per day. Within a month my energy had improved dramatically, I slept better, and I began to have a clearer head. I have been under Dr. Flannery’s care for 6 months now and I feel FANTASTIC!”


– Cheryl from Beavercreek, Ohio

“Symptoms Are Gone!”

“So here I am doing absolutely everything that I love to do, the symptom list is gone, my blood work is the best it has ever been, and I have more energy and vibrant life force than ever. I continually recommend Dr. Flannery to all my friends and patients who are struggling with their unresolved health challenges.”- Susan from Alaska

“Simply The Best!”

“After filling out a simple questionnaire and analyzing my blood, he found I had an autoimmune disorder no one had ever caught. Once we started to treat the problem, instead of covering up the symptoms, I started to see results within a few months. Dr. Flannery is simply the best!”

– Phil R. from Burbank, California

“My Old Self Again!”

“After seeing Dr. Mark, and going thru some testing, he put me on a personalized program that really made a huge difference. I am energetic through the day. My brain fog is gone. Within months I have lost some of the weight I just couldn’t get off in years. He has helped me feel like my old self again.”

– Eva C. from Ventura, California

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