For many years I knew something was wrong with my body. My fatigue was so unbearable it took everything I had to get out of bed. I had to take naps daily and still couldn’t function! I was gaining a steady 3 pounds a month regardless of my diet and exercise. I had pretty much NO memory and could not retain anything I heard or read. I had many more symptoms, to many to list. I was a mess!!

I began what would end up being several years of research, going to doctor after doctor, reading everything I could find and many Google searches plugging in my symptoms in hopes a miracle website would pop up telling me what was wrong with me. In all my research, I came across Dr. Mark Flannery. My first visit was in his office. He was very personable and already had a good idea of what my issues were. He ordered a complete set of thorough lab work to see what exactly was going on.

Dr. Flannery reviewed my lab tests and recommended a comprehensive plan to improve my health. Within 2 weeks I went from gaining 3 pounds per month to loosing 1 pound per day. Within a month my energy had improved dramatically, I slept better, and I began to have a clearer head.

I have been under Dr. Flannery’s care for 6 months now and I feel FANTASTIC! I never thought I would feel this good in such a short time. I still have some healing to do but as least I can function and have no limitations in my daily life. Thanks Dr. Flannery!

Cheryl C., Beavercreek, OH