Dear Dr. Flannery,

This month, as we begin a new year, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your excellent treatment which has really given me my life back in so many ways. Last year at this time, I was struggling with blood sugar issues which were leading me towards type one and type two diabetes, gut issues including SIBO, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel disease, severe constipation/motility issues, and multiple food allergies which put me on a severely limited diet.  My primary care doctor and gastroenterologists could not really help me anymore, and I was pretty incapacitated. I also had problems sleeping and had been taking sleeping pills on and off for many years. In addition, I was struggling with depression, anxiety, brain fog and a tremor, chronic pain, as well as a very low energy level.
Since I began treatment with you on August 25, 2016, I have seen a huge improvement in all areas and the blood tests you have done recently have supported that by showing improvement also. My blood sugar numbers, pancreas numbers, and cholesterol markers have all improved and/or normalized.  Thanks to the supplements you have prescribed, my gut and motility issues have improved immensely and I can eat a much wider variety of foods without incident. I am sleeping well and have not taken sleeping pills since August.  My depression, anxiety, brain fog, tremor and energy levels have all improved greatly. I am able to deal with stress much better also. Last year I prayed for help, and I believe God answered by leading me to you. You and your staff have been a real blessing. Thank you for giving me my life back!!


Patricia B., Trabuco Canyon, CA