My experience with working with Dr. Mark Flannery over the past few years has been an incredibly pleasurable and beneficial one. Dr. Mark Flannery is a very informative, helpful, and caring Doctor that always takes the time to thoroughly explain everything to his patients and never hesitates to answer any questions or help in any way he can. When I first came to see Dr. Flannery I was suffering from massive digestive problems that prevented me from eating for days, some times weeks at a time. I woke up every day with extreme pain through out my entire digestive system and would go to sleep with even more pain and nausea. My digestive system was so compromised that my body could not digest any form of food and was not able to absorb any nutrients, which caused me to live every day with extreme fatigue. Since I started working with Dr. Flannery my health has drastically improved and I am now able to live a normal life. His approach of treatment for preventing illness as well as treating current illnesses has been the only form of treatment that has helped my body heal over the years. With the diet and supplements that Dr. Flannery put me on, I have successfully rebuilt my digestive system and am now able to eat normally and function as a normal person. I highly recommend Dr. Mark Flannery to anyone struggling with physical ailments and or diseases. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Flannery and the work that we have done together in order to restore my health and well-being.

Amber M., Thousand Oaks, CA