I was referred to HealthWise Chiropractic for treatment of painful symptoms associated with my first pregnancy. At 5 months pregnant, I suffered from low back pain, had difficulty walking, and had trouble getting in and out of bed.

As of today I feel 70% better than when I first started chiropractic care. Dr. Vera has been knowledgeable, friendly and informative through the whole process. She goes above and beyond the average chiropractor!

The best part is that my baby is in the head-down position for delivery. Even when my OB/GYN told me my baby was breech, Dr. Vera reassured me that everything was going to be OK. I am so glad I did not have to undergo external cephalic version, or turning the baby from outside of the abdomen so that it’s in the head-down position. Chiropractic care has helped keep my pelvis aligned so that my baby has enough room to grow and move.

I would definitely recommend the patient and loving care I received from HealthWise Chiropractic.

Anastasia H., Chatsworth, CA