In 2008 I visited Dr. Mark Flannery due to my complaint of a repeated acid-reflux disorder that was continually awakening me at night in bouts of great pain and distress. During my consultation, Dr. Flannery suggested that I have a complete blood work-up, which I did. Upon his review of my blood work he became very concerned about my overall health and well-being. My cholesterol and triglyceride levels were sky-high, along with other abnormalities of great concern to him. He told me I was headed toward diabetes and at high risk for a heart attack and/or a stroke. He also cautioned me about my unhealthy diet and suggested that I take some specific health supplements. Unfortunately my financial reality is that I have to pay for my own monthly health insurance premiums, which are costly, as I do not have health coverage through a job. Therefore, I made what I now see as an unwise decision to stop seeing Dr. Flannery as my health insurance provider would only pay for office visits and prescription medication charges through my medical doctor. I now regret that move as I hadn’t realized that Dr. Flannery was discovering more about my overall health condition than I was aware, as he is a very thorough diagnostician and practitioner.

My decision to stop seeing Dr. Flannery came back to haunt me more recently, as this past May I indeed suffered a heart attack due to 1½ blocked arteries which had been building up for quite some time. I am sure that if I had stayed under the care of Dr. Flannery back in 2008, he would have undoubtedly discovered my coronary heart disease early enough and would have had me take precautions to avert the inevitable heart attack that he saw coming. After the heart attack, my medical Dr. apologized to me that he had not seen it coming. Thankfully I am still alive and recovering today, albeit on a more healthy diet and a regimen of expensive medications that I will need to take for the rest of my life.

Dr. Flannery has a passion to serve his patients well. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking to uncover the root cause and proper treatment of any physical condition or malady that has not been satisfactorily diagnosed or properly treated by other medical practitioners. As I see it, his specialty is his wonderful technical ability to discover the actual causes of diseases that have previously gone misdiagnosed or undiagnosed by others. I have seen him treat a wide array of disorders that get directly to the heart of the matter, thereby correcting a patient’s symptoms in the most healthful of manners. You are unlikely to ever find another health care practitioner more caring, interested and able to treat your specific health condition than Dr. Mark Flannery.

S.V., Malibu, CA