While I was in college, I was diagnosed with diabetes and put on medications. I was then later diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Not only had I been diagnosed with two serious conditions, I had been losing pigmentation of my skin over a number of years, a condition known as vitiligo. The medication I was prescribed was not correcting my conditions, only managing my symptoms. I grew increasingly more frustrated with my medical treatment.

I had been to a number of medical doctors through this process, but I felt like they could never pin point the problem. It wasn’t until I started seeing Dr. Mark that things started to turn around for me. Dr. Mark was the only doctor who was able to help me with my condition. After filling out a simple questionnaire and analyzing my blood, he found I had an autoimmune disorder that was the underlying cause of all my problems. No one had ever caught the underlying immune system imbalance. I was surprised but it all made sense once he explained it to me.

Once we started to treat the problem, instead of covering up the symptoms, I started to see results within a few months. More impressive than feeling better than I had felt in a long time, I noticed the pigment in my skin returning! I never have seen a doctor who is as thorough and complete as Dr. Mark. He took the time needed to explain what was going on with me and also was very direct and confident with his recommendations and expectations. I felt from the beginning I was at the right place and couldn’t be in better hands. Dr. Mark is simply the best!

Phil R., Burbank, CA