I was struggling with fatigue which had been increasing over the last few years and had come to see Dr. Flannery as recommended by a friend of mine. I had seen my general physician and ruled out any problems that could be detected by her examination and blood tests. I did have elevated cholesterol, elevated blood calcium and early stage osteoporosis and was advised to go on prescription medication to treat these symptoms which I did not desire to do.

From the beginning, I was treated with much care and concern. I was educated by Dr. Flanneryas to what action to take regarding my nutritional health based on the results of the tests he ordered. I felt like a person, not just a patient. I so much appreciate the focus on cause rather than symptoms and the steps taken to address the cause. I also appreciate the accessibility to Dr. Flannery by phone and email – something new in my experience with doctors.

A few months after coming to HealthWise, I developed a radiating pain and tingling down my left arm, unrelated to the previous condition. I was tempted to “ride it out” and see what happened, but Dr. Flannery suggested addressing it early rather than letting it progress into something more. Again, I was thoroughly educated on my condition and what could be done to help. I am being treated for my arm pain and so much more!

The results have been amazing. The general malaise that characterized my life has resolved and my energy is returning. My neck and shoulders, which had long been tight and sore, are much more relaxed and comfortable. My arm pain is improving and my whole body feels less tense. My zest for life is back and I am looking forward to continued improvement. I am delighted by the results.

Jackie W., Camarillo, CA