We feel truly blessed to have found Dr. Mark so quickly after the decline of our daughters’ health after their second Gardasil shot. Not only was I scared by the girls’ health but also by the lack of answers and attention we were getting from traditional medicine. Calling this nontraditional Doctor was a leap of faith in more ways than one. We were 1,300 miles away from him, our insurance wouldn’t cover most of the treatments, and we don’t have much money. But you will do anything for your children – right? I’m so thankful I made that call.

At the time the girls were 12 and 15 years old and experienced different reactions. Both had muscle aches and spasms, exhaustion and blackouts. Our eldest experienced seizures and severe headaches, too. Both of the girls had always been extremely healthy and any kind of illness was out of the usual. To watch the decline in them was terrifying.

My rattled nerves were calmed tremendously in just visiting with Dr. Mark. And it was Dr. Mark who spoke with me, not a nurse or receptionist. He was familiar with our story when no one else would even believe us, and he had answers. There ended up being no travel involved, very reasonable prices, and some of the most attentive care I have ever witnessed. Dr. Mark gave me his office number, cell number and home number…and answered when I called!

The treatments are very holistic and scientifically based. The girls hated the diet restrictions, but survived it and are well today. My husband and I followed the same diet with the girls just to be supportive and have chosen to continue with it because we feel so much better and experience very few of the aches and pains we had previously thought were related to aging – not diet!

I have recommended Dr. Mark to people with all sorts of ailments…leaky guts, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and of course, any girl suffering an adverse reaction to Gardasil.

No matter what Western Medicine is telling (or not telling) you, if your daughter has suffered an adverse reaction, do her a huge favor…pick up the phone and call Dr. Mark. You won’t regret it like you are regretting other things right now!

Thank you, Dr. Mark, for rescuing us! Thank you, Lord, for Dr. Mark. We are truly grateful.

Terri H., Edgemont, SD