After receiving the Gardisil vaccination in February, I experienced severe abdominal pain that brought on vomiting, headaches, back pain and high blood pressure. I was in and out of the hospital for a total of 12 days in 2 months while they performed many tests including: blood tests, multiple cat scans, an MRI and other tests revealing no definitive diagnosis.

My sudden illness kept me from completing my schoolwork and I had to eventually take a leave of absence from Junior High. Something had to be done since I wasn’t getting better on my own and the doctors could not offer me any relief.

I left my hometown in Nebraska for Simi Valley, California in search of a miracle.

My Aunt Candice referred my family to HealthWise Clinical Nutrition. We had our doubts, but were hopeful. The course of treatment included chiropractic therapy combined with advanced nutrition and dietary changes.

In one month, I am free from the stomach pain, vomiting, headaches, back pain and my blood pressure is now normal. I feel 100% better! I’m now looking forward to living as a vibrant 14 year old with more energy than before!

Thank you Dr. Flannery

Shelby J., Papillion, NE