After receiving the Gardasil vaccine, my daughter began experiencing an array of troubling symptoms, including numbness, severe swelling, and difficulty walking. At times, Alison’s ankles would swell so badly that she could not wear shoes. The doctors we originally sought just wanted to treat her symptoms with drugs instead of getting to the root of her problem. No one knew how to treat Alison’s “mysterious” illness, and it was a very frustrating time in our lives.

After contacting HealthWise Clinical Nutrition, I knew that we had found the right place. Speaking with Dr. Flannery’s staff made us feel refreshingly understood and Dr. Flannery confirmed our confidence in HealthWise. Alison is now recovering without drugs and their side effects! Dr. Flannery has been nothing but honest, encouraging, and knowledgeable in regards to Alison’s treatment.

I would not hesitate to recommend HealthWise Clinical Nutrition. In fact, I recommend anyone not getting the results they desire from the traditional medical community to seek better health and knowledge from HealthWise. Finding Dr. Flannery was a gift from God – I truly believe this.

Rita L., Slidell, LA