After having the first dose of Gardasil, my health started deteriorated at a rapid rate. I started having unbearable migraines once a month (had to sleep it off and any movement would result in me vomiting), knee pain, leg weakness when walking short distances, complete loss of menstrual cycle, abdominal pain, weight gain, brain fog, IBS symptoms and digestive problems. I experienced these health problems for at least five years while seeking a variety of medical attention (multiple endocrinologists, multiple GI doctors, multiple neurologists and multiple OBGYN’s).

My ultimate goal was to determine why I was no longer able to have a menstrual cycle (when I had been having a normal cycle for 10 years) and how to reduce my pain (besides with medicine).

Most doctors could not explain to me why my symptoms were occurring. They put me through multiple CT scans, MRI’s, ultrasounds, colonoscopy, etc and everything came back “normal” and ended up costing an arm and a leg. They told me to be thankful nothing was “wrong”. I knew if my symptoms kept continuing it could result into something more serious that could be detectable.

I read multiple testimonies of other patients with reactions to Gardasil vaccines and that Dr. Flannery was able to come up with an individual plan that suited them (and had positive results). I have been seeking care from Dr. Flannery for almost a year now and have had tremendous improvements in my symptoms through supplements. My testosterone has decreased, my leg weakness is gone and I am on a regular menstrual cycle. I finally feel like I understand my body, what I need to avoid and what is necessary for me to have healthy function.

Dr. Flannery is extremely knowledgeable and thorough when deciding what tests are necessary and developing an individual plan. I strongly recommend treatment by Dr. Flannery and truly feel blessed that I am well on my way to recovery (almost a year now of feeling better!)

Wishing everyone the best in their treatment, I know it is a hard struggle to get answers.

Rachel F., Seattle, WA