I was referred to Dr. Mark Flannery by a woman I work with after telling her about how tired I felt and the stomach pain, bloating and weight gain that I was suffering with. My condition was keeping me from spending quality time with my kids and I was losing focus at school. At first I thought it was normal “female” problems, but when the symptoms didn’t go away after 1-1/2 years , I knew I needed to take action.

In the past, I had consulted with my medical doctor for treatment and was diagnosed with heartburn. I was prescribed Prevacid as the answer for all my problems. I just got worse.

I was treated very well at HealthWise Clinical Nutrition and enjoyed a thorough, detailed consultation by Dr. Flannery. Finally, I felt like there was hope for me! After committing to the program Dr. Flannery recommended based on my test results, I am no longer bloated, my stomach pain is completely gone, and I have more energy to take care of my children and attend school with a positive outlook.

I am so thankful someone cared enough about me to refer me to HealthWise Clinical Nutrition. In turn, I recommend people to HealthWise because I know they will get the help they need.

Melisa H., Moorpark, CA