All of my life I have been an outgoing, very friendly and happy person, involved in sports and striving to live a healthy lifestyle; that is until about four years ago. It did not happen overnight, but slowly I was becoming unhappy, lethargic, and uninvolved with friends and family. After going through two divorces, dealing with the stress of being a single mom, and struggling with family issues, my health had taken a back seat in my life. Over time, I was not only unhappy but I was seriously depressed, 60 pounds overweight, eating too much, drinking too often, struggling with horrible mental fog, forgetfulness, and pushing friends and family away. Rock bottom was rapidly approaching. My loved ones tried to help but sat in despair as I further alienated myself from them and my former life.

I knew that I was in serious trouble and had to do something but was paralyzed to act. I was feeling my life force slipping away. One day out of the blue my mom – God bless her – told me that she had pre-paid to have me evaluated and tested by Dr. Mark. Afraid of what I might find out, I was a bit apprehensive. I was not sure if I wanted to go, but knew that I owed her that much for giving me such a kind and generous gift.

It was October 11, 2012 when I sat down with Dr. Mark and he so patiently and thoroughly explained my illnesses to me. I tested positive to gluten allergy along with corn, dairy, egg, and ten other foods. I had leaky gut, inflammation, and autoimmune disease. No wonder I was feeling so horrible. As I went through his box of Kleenex he explained to me that there was hope and that together we could tackle each issue and work my way back to health. He outlined a plan which included taking the foods that I was allergic to – and causing the inflammation- out of my diet , eating whole and unprocessed foods that would help heal and regenerate my leaky gut, and adding supplements to promote healing and support my immune system.

As I left his office I felt, for the first time in four years, that there might be a way out of this deep dark hole that I had been wasting away in and vowed to follow his plan. I removed all the foods that I was allergic too and replaced them with real, live, whole and unprocessed foods and started taking his prescribed supplements. The transformation was amazing! After two weeks I could feel a huge difference. After six weeks I became a new person, shedding the blanket of a depressed and forlorn soul, and regaining my enthusiasm and joy for life

It has now been six months since the “Kleenex visit” with Dr. Mark. Today I am 50 pounds lighter and I feel so completely different; full of life, hope, joy, and vitality. My back yard has become my “farmacy” where I grow many of the “life-foods” I eat and often share them with friends and family. Being active outside cultivating life which in turn gives me life has brought me incredible joy.

I love the way that Dr. Mark has used natural, non-prescription methods in my healing process and has been there every step of the way to answer questions and give me support. I will be forever grateful for him for not only giving me my life back but for saving it as well.

A. Canyon, La Canada, CA